WVGDC New Member Information


  • Welcome to the Willamette Valley Great Dane Club!

    We are so happy you've chosen to join the WVGDC. We have a lot of fun and look forward to spending time with you.

  • Annual Club dues must be received by January 1st/

    A dues reminder shall be sent out to all  members, by email, around November 1st. Another reminder will be sent out mid December and dues must be received by January 1st. After January 1st any member who hasn't paid their dues will be removed from the Club. If there is an issue with paying dues by January 1st, please contact a member of the  board to discuss the issue.

    If a member loses membership in this way, they can apply once again through the normal membership application process.

  • The Club has about 6 meetings a year.

    The board determines the meeting calendar based on the dog show calendar. We generally try to avoid having our meetings on the same weekends as non local dog shows as many of our members are actively showing and are often out of town for shows.

    Meeting dates are determined 2-4 months in advance and entered into the calendar on the website. The meetings generally last 90 minutes. An agenda is sent out 7-14 days in advance.

  • Do members need to attend all meetings?

    No! We have members from all over Oregon and Washington. We understand that it isn't easy for all our members to attend meetings. We have a few different types of membership and we love our remote members who can't make many meetings each year. We have active email communications to exchange information so even if you can't make meetings you get lots of club activity information and a chance for input into what we do.

Fawn Great Dane Puppy
Fawn Great Dane
  • As a member what are my responsibilities?

    Minimally you need to do the following:

    • Pay your dues by Jan 1st 
    • Your email address will be added to the wvgdc group to receive email communication for the club, don't unsubscribe 🙂
    • Update the club on an email change, you can send your new email to wvgdcsecretary@gmail.com.
    • Update the club on a address change, send address changes to wvgdcsecretary@gmail.com.

    We would of course appreciate whatever help you can give the club in its activities throughout the year.

  • Is there a club email list?

    Yes! We use a group email listing service (gaggle) to send out emails to club members, this is why it's important for club members to stay members of the group email list. If you are not receiving group emails within the first month of joining the group, let us know by emailing the club secretary at wvgdcsecretary@gmail.com and we'll add/investigate the issue.