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Locating the perfect indestructible Great Dane Dog Bed is like finding the holy grail 🙂 Decades of Great Dane ownership and experience created the list of suppliers below.  We hope these resources will be helpful for you. Each of these products has been recommended by a WVGDC member, but as always, with recommendations, we can't guarantee quality, but our own personal experiences have been very positive. Good luck in finding your perfect Great Dane Dog Bed. We also have listings for other useful Great Dane products including leads, collars and edibles, click here.

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

K9 Ballastics Dog Beds

Members of the WVGDC highly recommend K9 Ballistics Dog Beds! These are perfect Great Dane Dog Beds. K9 Ballistics beds are incredibly durable, even tough enough for a Great Dane! K9 Ballistics sells all types of beds, chew proof and chew resistant. You can find their complete selection of beds on their website, 

K9 Ballistics also offers cot beds, dog crate pads, orthopedic bed and round nesting dog beds. Besides different bed types, they offer many colors and prints to choose from.


Visit K9 Ballastics website to see all their products at

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Great Dane Dog Crate

Heavy Duty 54″ Metal Wire Colossal Crate

Crates are invaluable training and keeping your sanity tools with a large energetic Great Dane which can chew through molding or a kitchen cabinet in about 2 mins. Yes, I’m speaking from experience 🙂 These Colossal double door crates are terrific. I like that they have two doors as we always reconfigure for Christmas.

Chewy has these for quite a reasonable price and I’ve picked them up on sale for just under $100. Even at full price they are less expensive then replacing your moulding your dry wall or your kitchen cabinetry.

Visit the Crates product page at

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Primo Crate Pads

Primo Virtually Indestructible Crate Pads

For those of you that have dogs that destroy their bedding while in crates, the Primo Pad is a life saver!

The trick with these Primo Pads is that the edging extends beyond the padding and then holes are placed in the bedding and the pad can be tied down to the bottom of the crate. If the dog can’t lift the pad up, he can’t get a grip/bite on it.

The pads come in lots of colors and if you want to see how they work, visit the website and watch the video.

Visit their website at

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Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Dog Cot/Beds

Kuranda Beds is a family owned company in Maryland and they make a high quality Dog Cot/Bed. Their beds are tough and stand up well to abuse by even a Great Dane sized dog.

Kuranda beds are easily cleaned, chew proof and orthopedic. Many Great Dane members highly recommend their beds and also close to our heart, they have donated beds to our WVGDC raffle tables. They have great customer service and  they very kindly contribute to the overall health of the dog community.

Visit their website,

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Critter Beds

Critter Beds

Critter Beds ( ) display and sell their very cool beds and toys at most AKC Dog Shows in Oregon and Washington. Their beds are sturdy and stylish with a huge variety of fabrics to choose from. If they don’t have the fabric in the size you want, you can custom order a bed. They have very cute cube beds for smaller dogs and cats. I’ve purchased several of their beds and use them in crates or as a portable comfortable beds for the dogs, light enough to be rolled and taken everywhere. The beds are completely washable, so you can put them in the washing machine when they need cleaning. 

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