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Cool Coats by Bert Rettick

Dogs get warm and cool coats were created to keep our best friends cool and comfortable. And of course it isn’t sufficient to be just cool, you have to look stylish while being cool 🙂 These coats are made of special materials that when dipped in cool water, they stay cool and draped over the dog they make a BIG difference in your dog’s comfort level. Bert creates beautiful stylish cool coats. She has a wide variety of fabrics. You like hearts! You can have hearts! You have a favorite sports team, she can probably find fabric for them. Contact Bert through her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/bert.rettick

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Dog Sports Designs – Collars & Leashes

Dog Sport Designs

Dog Sport Designs creates handcrafted leather Dog Collars and Leashes. They have beautiful stylish designs for competition, training and fun 🙂

You need to visit their website dogsportsdesign.com to see all their beautifully functional collars and leashes. My favorites are the braided leather collars, martingale collars and leashes in the Diamondback pattern.  The options are endless with leather collar choices, lead length choices, 

What I love about the Round Braided Diamondback Leash is how soft they are and they are a great diameter to control an energetic 150 pound Great Dane. These are perfect leads for large energetic dogs and they are quite stylish!

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Planet Blue Dog

Pictured is the  Planet Blue Dog booth at the Portland Rose City Cluster shows in January 2020. Planet Blue Dog has so many great products, but my favorite is the fleece leads, so soft and comfortable and easy. I can’t have enough of them. Visit their website for all their cool products, www.planetbluedog.com

Planet Blue Dog Great Dane Dog Leash
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