2019 Specialty Silent Auction Donations


Collar by Modern Woof

Modern Woof – Marcela Luedtke

Thank you Marcela Luedtke (Modern Woof) Marcela Luedtke is a talented, gifted woman who makes high quality…

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Jerry Lobato – Gifted Artist – 2019

Thank you Jerry! Jerry Lobato is a wonderful artist and gifted sculptor. Our club is so lucky…

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2019 Specialty Raffle Table Donations

Thank you to our generous donors!!!

Snook’s Sweet Potato Dog Chews 2019

Thank you Snooks! Snook’s Sweep Potato Dog Chews are one of my dogs favorite chew treats. I…

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Tag Your It 2019

Thank you Tag Your It! Tag Your It has tags for everything! You can put just about…

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K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds 2019

K9 Ballistics Dog Beds are even tough enough for a Great Dane! You can find their complete…

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Wheel House Designs 2019

Thank you Wheel House Designs! wow! Wheel House Designs has lots of animal related creative fun socks….

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Evangers Dog Food 2019

Thank you Evangers Dog Food! Evangers Dog Food is a great dog food. They have an extensive…

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Pet Walker Plus 2019

Thank you Pet Walker Plus! Pet Walker Plus creates unique No Tangle leashes so you can easily…

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Natures Logic 2019

Thank you Nature’s Logic! Nature’s Logic is a premium quality pet food and they have focused using…

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Etched Memory 2019

Thank you Etched Memory! Etched Memory has donated a $25 gift certificate to our Raffle Table. Etched…

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Rose City Pet Gear 2019

Thank you Rose City Pet Gear! These pet blankets from Rose City Pet Gear are the softest…

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Happy Legs

Happy Legs 2019

Thank you Happy Legs! Thank you Happy Legs for your gift certificate of $75 off a set…

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Designs In Ink – 2019

Thank you Designs In Ink! Thank you Designs in Ink! I love these Great Dane license plates….

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Bennett Tobias Designs 2019

Thank you Bennett Tobias Designs! Thank Bennett Tobias Designs for these very cute Great Dane earrings. It…

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Cascade Quilting 2019

Thank you Cascade Quilting! Cascade Quilting creates wonderful lightweight washable fleece blankets and quilts. They have a…

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