Willamette Valley Great Dane Club Officers

Officer Position Name Contact
PresidentLisa HosmerEmail Club President
Vice PresidentKirsten Kauffman
TreasurerLisa Hosmer
SecretaryShanda BhaskerEmail Club Secretary
GDCA Co-DelegateKirsten Kauffman
GDCA Co-DelegateShanda Bhasker
Board (2024)Georgia Hymmen
Board (2023)Lisa Hosmer
Board (2026)Michelle Gillette
Harlequin Great Dane Puppies

Paying your WVGDC Dues

Willamette Valley Great Dane Club Members

*If you are looking for a Great Dane to add to your family, adult, teenage or puppy, some of the members have websites, check them out, contact them for further information

Name Kennel Name Dane Colors
Jeffrey BeachBrindle, Fawn
Lisa BemisHarlequins, Mantles
Karen Bezanson (Hamlin)HamlinHarlequin, Mantle, Fawn
Shanda BhaskerBhaskerville Great DanesMantle, Fawn
Greer GastonBrindle, Fawn
Michelle GilletteBlue, Black
Sam GilletteBlue, Black
Lisa HosmerBrindle, Fawn
Georgia HymmenDaynakin Great DanesFawn, Brindle
Kirsten KauffmanBrindle, Fawn
Claire Lincoln